Анна Подготовка к IELTS

Мне нужен сертификат IELTS для учебы в Лондоне. Я занималась на курсе подготовки к IELTS в школе Windsor с Джейсоном и очень довольна своим выбором. Понравилось, что он делает уроки не однообразными, занятия эффективные...

Екатерина Ситникова Подготовка к IELTS

Курс мне помогли подобрать в Windsor с учетом моего уровня и целей, и в итоге он полностью соответствовал и тому, и другому. Intensive для людей с уже высоким уровнем языка, поэтому программа нацелена на понимание...

Елена Бычкова Английский для детей 3-5 лет

Все мои знакомые отдали своих детей изучать язык с 3 лет. Сейчас, спустя несколько лет, они хорошо говорят на английском языке, ничем не хуже, чем на русском. Поэтому год назад, руководствуясь их опытом, решила отдать...

Busines Studies for teenagers in English

"Business Bases" in English (an A Level preparation program)

For school students of 14-16 years.

Are you planning to educate your children in Great Britain or another foreign country? Do you want your child to make a significant improvement in their level of English and at the same time to develop a modern knowledge of business? You can begin this process right here in Moscow and allow your children to start getting the results they need already.

Our program of preparation for A-Level Business is unique in the Russian education market. This subject is not taught as part of the Russian education system’s courses for teenagers, while teenagers in Britain have these types of courses as standard. Our course is based on the most common qualification for British high school seniors – the AS level , and all instruction is completely in English. All of the teachers who deliver this course are native speakers.

This program is also the first step towards preparation for the full British Business A Level in Moscow, which is a required qualification for enrollment in many faculties of management, business and finance in leading universities in Great Britain.

Who is Business Bases in English aimed at ?

  • Students who want to simultaneously raise their functional level of English and expand their knowledge of business matters 
  • Students who plan to pursue their higher education in English-speaking countries.
Why “Business Bases in English” is successful: 

Practical modern knowledge of business

This course gives teenagers the opportunity to build up real knowledge of business and learn to use this knowledge in practical situations. Throughout the course, the teacher combines besides textbook activities with exposure to authentic resources such as articles from economics magazines and information about real-world businesses. It gives our school students the chance to understand theoretical bases through a prism of practical application. The classes are given by a native speaker with a background in business.

Significant progress in English 

Thanks to immersion in an English language environment, teenagers will not only gain new knowledge but will also learn to perceive the natural patterns of English speech and take part in English conversations without difficulty. During the course, our students will enlarge their lexicon, and also improve the writing skills which are a minimal requirement for an English education.

Adaptation to the new language environment and training system 

Preparation for enrollment in foreign universities demands special attention to the psychological training of teenagers. By the end of this course, our students will have had an invaluable experience of foreign learning styles, which will prepare them well for training in other countries.

Details of the course:

The course includes 210 academic hours, an equivalent of 9 months. 

Location of the course: Moscow, Narodnaya St. of 20, m Taganskaya. 

Lessons take place 2 times per week. Each lesson is 3 academic hours. 

Lessons start at 17.00.


Age: 14 years 

Language level: Intermediate and above. 


10 800 rub per month (24 academic h, 8 lessons). 

A discount of 7% is given for payment for half the course in advance (35 lessons). This results in the price for the first half being: 44 100 rub (105 academic hours). By the end of the course, this will result in a total cost of 88,200 rub, compared to a regular price of 94,500 rub 

A 10% discount is given if the whole course is paid for in advance, resulting in discount price of: 85050 rubles.