Никита Общий английский по методике "Развяжи Язык"

Занимался в группе Intermediate у Madeline, занятиями остался очень доволен. В результате этого курса мне удалось улучшить свои языковые навыки. Madeline - отличный преподаватель, материал преподносит очень доступно и...

Александр Волынчиков Подготовка к IELTS

Хотел бы поблагодарить всех сотрудников и преподавателей школы английского языка Windsor с замечательной учебной, но в тоже время домашней атмосферой, царящей на занятиях! Я проходил обучение по курсу подготовки к IELTS...

Ольга Гребенникова Английский для подростков

Моя дочь учится в школе Windsor с сентября 2014 года. Мы очень довольным своим выбором. Нам нравится демократичная обстановка в общении с преподавателем, благодаря чему подростки чувствуют себя комфортно и уверенно, а...

Other exams


This is an international examination estimating your level of proficiency in American English. A TOEFL certificate is often obligatory for students applying to universities in the US and Canada. It is also a required certificate for those wishing to take an MBA in international universities, and is also required by many employers in North America.

There are three versions of the test: paper-based, computer-based and by means of the Internet. The last was presented in 2005, and has only been available to Russians since March, 2006.

The paper-based test can be conducted in 12 Russian cities and consists of three parts: 

  • Listening Comprehension (understanding of native speaker speech) 
  • Structure and Written Expression (understanding of grammatical structures of a written language) 
  • Reading Comprehension (reading)
If you take the paper-based test the TWE( Written English) part should be taken which consists of writing an essay.

Duration of the test is about 3 hours.

Computer-based tests can be only be taken in Moscow and St. Petersburg and consist of 4 parts: 

  • Listening (understanding of native speaker speech) 
  • Structure (understanding of grammatical structures of a written language) 
  • Reading (various texts) 
  • Writing (letter)
The duration of the test can be different and depends on how quickly you answer questions.

The Internet-based test consists of 4 parts: 

  • Listening (understanding of native speaker speech) 
  • Speaking (informal conversation) 
  • Reading (various texts) 
  • Writing (letter)


BEC (Business English Certificate) is an examination developed by The University of Cambridge for business English students.

The BEC can be your key to the world of international companies, opening doors for you which are closed to others. Why? Because the BEC certificate guarantees your knowledge of special business English and is accepted in more than 60 countries! What’s more, a successfully passed BEC certificate lasts for life.

BEC is specially designed for people currently occupied in the business world, and is therefore easier to pass for people working in business than other international exams would be. At the same time, the certificate received by you becomes the official proof of your competence of questions of business vocabulary, correspondence and business terminology and will testify to your professionalism, both for foreign and Russian companies.


ILEC – the international examination in legal English, is conducted by examination committee of the Cambridge University Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Advantages of ILEC

Proof of an in-depth knowledge of legal terms and vocabulary

Knowledge of international legal standards

The practice both of legal language and legal skills, using real cases from global jurisprudence. Authentic texts and tasks are used throughout. 

Who this certificate is aimed at: 

  • Final year university law students 
  • Practicing lawyers who plan to work abroad or get a promotion.


ICFE - The International Certificate of Financial English, confirming professional suitability of financial managers and auditors to work on a global scale.

This examination has been developed by the University of Cambridge in conjunction with the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA). It is possible to take the examination twicea year – in May and in November in the British Council.


The GMAT is the general education test including checking of speech, written and mathematical skills. The test is given in English. The test estimates mathematical and analytical skills and level of general development. 850 business schools around the world unconditionally demand that their applicants take this exam. GMAT test is very necessary for those who want to apply for the GMAT program

In Russia the computer version of this test is available. The computer-adapted test is an electronic test: it is conducted by means of the computer. The choice of the subsequent question is defined by your answers to the previous questions. If the answer on the previous question was correct, the following question will be more difficult and vice versa. You have to answer questions in the order in which they appear on the screen. It is impossible to change the answer or to go back to the previous question. The GMAT is developed for the purpose of checking your management skills, and doesn’t require knowledge in more specialized spheres.

  1. KET (Key English Test) confirms an elementary level of proficiency in English
  2. PET (Preliminary English Test) confirms a pre-intermediate/intermediate level of English 
  3. FCE (First Certificate in English) confirms an intermediate level of English 
  4. CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) for higher level, advanced students 
  5. CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) – for students approaching a native-speaker like level of proficiency.

The FCE certificate is recognized by many employers globally, and is also used to gain entrance to university courses around the world. CAE and CPE guarantee that a student has a significantly higher than average level of English, and both are enough to automatically pass the language requirements of many employers and higher education centres.