Никита Общий английский по методике "Развяжи Язык"

Занимался в группе Intermediate у Madeline, занятиями остался очень доволен. В результате этого курса мне удалось улучшить свои языковые навыки. Madeline - отличный преподаватель, материал преподносит очень доступно и...

Общий английский
с преподавателем
из UK, USA, Canada
от 6500 руб. в месяц
Елена Бычкова Английский для детей 3-5 лет

Все мои знакомые отдали своих детей изучать язык с 3 лет. Сейчас, спустя несколько лет, они хорошо говорят на английском языке, ничем не хуже, чем на русском. Поэтому год назад, руководствуясь их опытом, решила отдать...

Английский для детей в Windsor
- всего от 6600 руб./мес.
- бесплатные пробные уроки
- с носителями языка из UK, USA
- игровые методики обучения
- погружение в языковую среду
- лексический подход

IELTS pretesting

What is it?

IELTS Pretesting is one of the first stages of composing materials for future IELTS examinations. Before including materials in real exams, Cambridge ESOL carefully tests them to be sure that all the tests correspond to the necessary level of complexity and fairness.

Is it an official procedure?

IELTS Pretesting – is an official procedure, carried out under the auspices of Cambridge ESOL, one of the main producers of the IELTS exam. For this purpose Cambridge ESOL chooses schools in different parts of the world which can match the high standards of exam preparation demanded by the originators of the IELTS exam. If a school is considered suitable for conducting IELTS Pretesting, Cambridge ESOL sends a high security package containing the Pretesting materials, which are not opened until the day of the exam. After a pretesting session is over all the documents are sealed and are sent back to Cambridge ESOL for checking.

Windsor Education Centre is affiliated by Cambridge ESOL for conducting IELTS Pretesting, and provides the necessary conditions and specialist teachers to conduct IELTS Pretesting.

Why do I need it?

For students of Windsor school it is an exclusive unique opportunity to test the real materials of future examinations of IELTS! Thus, you will be able not only to estimate the level, but also to learn about tendencies in the examination which can help you in the short term future.

The main value of IELTS Pretesting is in access to absolutely unique examination content designed by exactly the people who are going to design the exam you will take for real one day. You can’t access this material anywhere else, and no website can give you as accurate a picture of the real exam.

Who can take part in it?

Students who have finished a Windsor IELTS course, or who are currently taking one can take part in IELTS Pretesting.

How is it conducted?

Students participating in IELTS Pretesting complete tests on Listening (30-40 minutes), Reading (Academic or General Module) (1 hour 15 minutes) and Writing (Academic or General Module) (1 hour). You should note that the pretesting timings may vary slightly from the real exam.


The completed papers are sent for checking to Cambridge ESOL, results are reported to school in a month.

Participation in pretesting is free.