Людмила Общий английский по методике "Развяжи Язык"

Программу курса и преподавателя оцениваю на отлично. В результате занятий мой уровень знаний английского языка повысился. Буду рекомендовать Windsor своим знакомым!

Общий английский
с преподавателем
из UK, USA, Canada
от 6500 руб. в месяц
Вера Машко Английский для детей 3-5 лет

Я хотела, чтобы мой ребенок начал заниматься английским, потому что в возрасте 3-5 лет происходит основной процесс формирования языковых навыков, и для детей это самый лучший и эффективный период формирования фундамента...

Английский для детей в Windsor
- всего от 6600 руб./мес.
- бесплатные пробные уроки
- с носителями языка из UK, USA
- игровые методики обучения
- погружение в языковую среду
- лексический подход

IELTS Trial Examination

IELTS Trial Examinations are a real opportunity to check your skills and before the real examination. The situation on trial IELTS is most approached to real examination, original tests of examination of IELTS, check of works by teachers, native speakers, according to examination criteria.

How examination is held? 

Examination as much as possible repeats structure of the real examination. You come to IELTS Preparation Centre Windsor and take all parts of examination in turns - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. At the examination there is an administrator who watches the correct course of passing an examination. You pass Speaking with the qualified teacher native speaker. 

What do you get?

After trial examination you: 

  • get the checked answer shit of your Listening and Reading parts with scores;  
  • receive the correct answers on Listening and Reading;  
  • task and questions on Reading and questions on Listening which you took at trial examination; 
  • assessment on Speaking;  
  • next day in the evening by e-mail your work on Writing with an assessment and corrections of the teacher will be sent to you. 
Why do I need it? 

To understand better the amount of the knowledge and skills you have at the moment to take IELTS examination, the Windsor school insistently advises you to take this test. The fact is that while you prepare at home, you anyway have opportunity to relax, spend more time for a task, than it is given to you at the exam, to peep an unknown word or simply not to imagine a stressful situation of the real examination. 

Trial examination allows you to estimate the knowledge most honestly, so that you don’t initially have in view higher points which you will be able to receive. Besides economy of forces and time, it will secure you from overspending money for retaking the exam.

Trial examination takes place every Saturday at 13.00 in IELTS Preparation Centre Windsor. Address: m Novoslobodskaya, 1st Shchemilovsky Lane, 16, p. 2. 

Also in our school regularly passes IELTS Pretesting.

This is an exclusive unique opportunity for students of Windsor School to test the materials of future examinations of IELTS! Thus, you will be able not only to estimate the level, but also to learn about tendencies in examination which you should take in the near future in advance.