Антон Юркин Подготовка к IELTS

Знания, полученные в Windsor, стоили каждого вложенного усилия. В результате я сдал IELTS на 8 баллов (нужен был 7.5). Программу курса оцениваю чрезвычайно высоко. Блэйк - блестящий преподаватель. Спасибо ему!

Общий английский
с преподавателем
из UK, USA, Canada
от 6500 руб. в месяц
Татьяна Пахоль Английский для детей 6-9 лет

До начала обучения в Windsor у ребят был страх говорить на английском, мешал языковой барьер. А уже после первого урока Максим сказал: "Это был самый крутой урок английского в моей жизни, английский теперь - мой друг"....

Английский для детей в Windsor
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- игровые методики обучения
- погружение в языковую среду
- лексический подход

Windsor life

Windsor school

I have been at Windsor school for over a year and I'm just coming to the end of my second contract. I've had an enjoyable time here and feel that it has greatly enhanced my teaching experience.

Windsor is a small, friendly school which is centrally located in the centre. It is only a five minute walk from the metro and so it's very convenient. Because it's a small family run school, students are given more personal attention than some of the larger establishments in the city. The average size of my classes is about eight students, plus I also teach on a one to one basis. During my time at the school I have taught General/Business English and IELTS, which was very rewarding. The school also specializes in Legal English courses. At the school there are four full time teachers, who have a good working relationship with the administrative staff. The staff room is well equipped with internet access and an extensive collection of books and materials. The school is also actively involved in the publication of the Lingua Franca magazine. This is a professionally produced magazine about English speaking topics, you may even find yourself published in Russian, I did!

I think one of the most enjoyable memories I will have, is of my students. Really, I have had some great fun with them and their enthusiasm has been infectious. Most of my students are adults and I have only taught children on a one to one basis. I have never had any problems with regards to discipline.

One thing for sure, is you will meet lots of interesting people and make some good friends. If you share your accommodation with a Russian family, you can try learning Russian to make your stay more satisfying. When I return to the UK, I shall certainly remember my experience as a very happy one.

Carol Walker