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About the company


Our mission is to help Russian people to integrate within international environments, especially business environments, in which the English language is used. This is not only done through formal classroom tuition as we also give our students the skills to further develop their English following any programme of study. This may be done through our internet project, which has an extensive range of resources.


Since its foundation in 2002, WINDSOR LANGUAGE SCHOOL has earned the reputation as one of the leading institutions in Moscow for specialized English Language training. This accomplishment has resulted from stringent adherence to the philosophy of stressing quality, not quantity. Most other language schools are either large chain operations, franchises or multi- branched entities that actively solicit greater enrolments. The sheer volume of students necessitates expanded administrative hierarchies and places the schools under pressure to recruit sufficient numbers of teachers to manage the classes. In contrast, Windsor has, from the inception, resisted the temptation to expand; rather, it has maintained the continuity of a small core of management, focus on core courses and selection of the finest and most qualified instructors.


Thus far, our area of expansion has been confined to in-company clients, which include Sun Interbrew, Ernst & Young, Group NIKOS, SUAL, NITOL, Renova, Business Analytica, Avtomir and other major business players in the Moscow region.


Our teaching staff includes both native English speakers primarily from the UK, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand as well as fluent bilingual Russian teachers who are fully certificated. Our native teachers all hold credentials of CELTA, Trinity or equivalent and those who teach the professional ESP courses also have extensive experience in the particular field. For example, Legal English is taught by practicing lawyers who are also certified EFL instructors.


All members of our management are fully fluent in English and understand the needs of our students. They are also highly professional in all necessary administrative and advisory matters, which need to be conducted in Russian.


Windsor is centrally located near Park Kulturi Metro Station on Komsomolskiy Prospect convenient toother public transportation. Classes can either be held at the school facilities or at the offices or homes of the clients.