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Safety in Moscow

Written by Elisabeth Jackson

Some people may have concerns about safety in Moscow. I never really thought about it when I was considering whether to move to Moscow - I had the impression that it was as safe as any other European capital. This impression has remained the same since moving here a couple of months ago.

It’s true that there’s a noticeable police presence in the city, particularly at metro stations. But I’ve only once or twice noticed people who seemed drunk - consider that in a vodka-loving nation! I have no qualms about taking the metro alone late at night, and generally feel safe walking home from the metro station too.

Being a female teacher in Russia

There is a difference between men and women in Russian society. It is normal for men to stand up to allow women to sit down on the metro, which can be nice when you’re tired after a long day of teaching. Men will also hold open doors for you and generally be courteous. This applies to all Russians actually, I’ve dropped gloves and things while taking the metro and someone always points that out. Often they even pick them up for me!

At the same time, I’ve not had anyone appear offended if I politely decline their offer of help. So I think there’s perhaps some awareness that Western women have different expectations.

As for attire, Russian women tend to dress either really well or, in certain settings, really casually. There is no prescribed ‘look’ though - anything neat is fine. Something I’ve noticed recently is that all women except ‘babushkas’ seem to have their nails done. There are nail salons everywhere accommodating this trend!