Никита Подготовка к IELTS

Я студент группы IELTS, преподаватель Blake. Очень нравится обучение и подготовка в вашей школе. Интересные занятия, отличный подход преподавателя, очень легкая доступность изучения. Все отлично! Блейк, так держать!

Виолетта Дрондина Юридический английский

Самое полезное, что дает курс юридического английского в Windsor - это, прежде всего, большое количество юридической лексики по всем темам курса. Преподаватель Джонатан серьёзно расширяет этот объем посредством...

Ольга Гребенникова Английский для подростков

Моя дочь учится в школе Windsor с сентября 2014 года. Мы очень довольным своим выбором. Нам нравится демократичная обстановка в общении с преподавателем, благодаря чему подростки чувствуют себя комфортно и уверенно, а...

Business and Finance + BEC

All over our country today there are more and more foreign companies opening branch offices. Domestic companies are also collaborating more and more with foreign partners. Under these conditions business English is a must for modern Russian workers: presentations, reports, negotiations – all require confidence in fluency in spoken communication as well as knowledge of business vocabulary.

Windsor school offers you an intensive Business English course which will become your safety net and will help you to acquire the necessary lexical base and confidence in business communication.

Aim of the course: to develop communication skills in Business English, to overcome the linguistic barrier and to enrich your vocabulary.

The main program of the course “English for Business Communication" includes the following components:

Company structure.
Management and cultural diversity.
Promotional tools.
Efficiency and employment.
The business cycle.
International Trade.
Entrepreneurship and venture capital.

You will also have the opportunity to consider the following additional aspects of business English:

Presenting an Argument.
Agreeing and Disagreeing.
Degrees of Importance and Certainty.
Procedure for a Formal Meeting.

So what is so special about this course?

  • Teachers of this course are native speakers and skilled professionals with wide experience in teaching Business English and significant experience in the field of business. 
  • The opportunity to add online courses to the basic course. (You can have additional skype-lessons with the teacher in order to make the process of learning more specialized to your needs) 
  • A Business English course will help you not only to enrich your vocabulary, but also to improve the skills of business correspondence, presentations and conducting negotiations.

In addition to the main textbook the teachers use authentic materials on business subjects during lessons, in accordance with the needs and wishes of the students.

Minimum level of language proficiency required for this program: Intermediate.

In addition to the main program, aimed at acquiring business vocabulary and business and negotiating skills in a foreign language, our Business English course includes preparation for the international exam BEC (Business English Certificate). This certificate will help you in achieving your career goals.

Duration of the course: 60 academic hours (2.5 months)

Windsor school regularly holds seminars in English on business topics.