Анна Подготовка к IELTS

Я планирую в дальнейшем получать второе высшее образование за рубежом. Занималась в школе Windsor на курсе IELTS Intensive с Джейсоном. Очень довольна! Курс полностью оправдал мои требования и ожидания. В работе...

Павел Коваль Общий английский по методике "Развяжи Язык"

Данная школа достойное место для обучения языку. В целом все понравилось, однако мне кажется, что на данном курсе дополнительно нужен русскоговорящий преподаватель, т.к. некоторые моменты очень тяжело осваивать на...

Вера Машко Английский для детей 3-5 лет

Я хотела, чтобы мой ребенок начал заниматься английским, потому что в возрасте 3-5 лет происходит основной процесс формирования языковых навыков, и для детей это самый лучший и эффективный период формирования фундамента...

Medical English

Today we can see an increase in the development of international relations. There are many branches and subsidiaries of foreign multinationals in our country, our experts go on business trips and refresher courses in other countries, conduct presentations and speeches on various topics and open subsidiaries abroad. In our world knowledge of English is essential.

This requirement applies to the medical field as well. Many universities complete partnership agreements with universities in other countries in order to provide students with opportunities to do practical work or receive further education. Knowledge of medical English in this case is essential.

Windsor educational center is ready to offer you a specialized course in "Medical English".

The main objective of the course is to enrich your vocabulary with professional medical English terms for specialists in this area and to make communication and understanding easy and available. Of course, during the course you will also have an opportunity to practice grammar and pronunciation.

The teacher of this course is a skilled native speaker, who specializes not only in teaching English as a second language, but also in medical subjects, and has experience in this field.

In addition to the main literature your teacher will use authentic materials, video and audio recordings. You also have the oppurtunity to offer your own topic for discussion during the lesson. Special attention is given to writing a CV, job interviews and writing letters of recommendation. This course is divided into two modules. Each module lasts for 6 weeks.

Key components of the course:

  • Medical terms and abbreviations 
  • Interaction with the patient (questions about symptoms, issuing instructions, discussion and explanation of medical research and diagnosis, treatment assignment, etc.) 
  • Reading and completing medical forms 
  • Using medical records 
  • Participation in professional meetings, seminars, conferences

Minimum level of language proficiency required for this program: Intermediate.
Duration of the course: 48 academic hours (3 months).
The intensity of training: once a week for 4 academic hours.