Екатерина Ситникова Подготовка к IELTS

Курс мне помогли подобрать в Windsor с учетом моего уровня и целей, и в итоге он полностью соответствовал и тому, и другому. Intensive для людей с уже высоким уровнем языка, поэтому программа нацелена на понимание...

Никита Общий английский по методике "Развяжи Язык"

Занимался в группе Intermediate у Madeline, занятиями остался очень доволен. В результате этого курса мне удалось улучшить свои языковые навыки. Madeline - отличный преподаватель, материал преподносит очень доступно и...

Ольга Гребенникова Английский для подростков

Моя дочь учится в школе Windsor с сентября 2014 года. Мы очень довольным своим выбором. Нам нравится демократичная обстановка в общении с преподавателем, благодаря чему подростки чувствуют себя комфортно и уверенно, а...

Our teachers say about our school

The high quality and strong motivation of Moscow's English language learners has exceeded my expectations. Though their conversation opportunities haven't been what they would like, they invariably come to their courses with a grammatical background which allows them to make rapid progress. My two years here have been a joy. The effort I've put into my work has been repaid many times over by the progress of my students and their genuine gratitude.

Windsor English Language School is equally unique, principally for its "hands off" approach to integrating teachers into its faculty. While a highly trained core of teachers is always at hand to listen to and assist any teacher at all times, the main goal of the administrative staff is to provide teachers the independence they require to be successful. Though tried-and-true classroom techniques are embraced, improvisational and imaginative approaches are acknowledged as worthy of merit. The result is an atmosphere that is conducive to experimentation.

Any teacher who wishes to continue his or her development and places a premium on the human element will have difficulty finding a better spot. I look forward to many more years living and working in Moscow.

Blake Davis

Windsor School is a great place to work. The students are motivated and eager to learn. The staff, native English and Russian teachers work well together. Staff and students enjoy the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at both locations. All in all, it is a win/win situation for everyone!

Kathleen Sherba

We at Windsor pride ourselves on offering the best quality service. We specialise in all the major areas of client demand. Namely, exam classes such as IELTS, general and business English at all levels as well as individual class tailored to specific student/client needs. We have been offering our services for a number of years and make sure that we learn from our experience in order to put our classes at the forefront of English language services in Moscow generally. We hope to continue to develop so as to ensure we not only maintain our position in the market but develop it further. Everyone is welcome to study with us in the hope of fulfilling their dreams.

Philip Gill

What I could say about Windsor School...
A great bunch of students, teachers and admin staff all combine to create a wonderfully refreshing place to work and study. Easily the best language school here in Moscow.

Marcus Campbell

One of my favourite aspects of teaching at Windsor is the encouragement given by the senior teaching staff to engage our creativity in designing lesson plans. Windsor is blessed with an efficient and energetic administrative office with which it is a joy to work. Finally, I should say that it has been an absolutely felicitous experience to meet with all of our bright students during the last year.

Jason Kayes

I am so happy to work at Windsor School as we offer the best quality service. It is such a joy to teach different classes here and watch my students improving their level of English with my help. Come and join our wonderful classes. I am looking forward to meeting new interesting people.